Piotr Tempczyk, MSc - Director of the Institute.

Piotr Tempczyk, MSc - Director of the Institute.

Father of two children. Every day Piotr is responsible for the management of the Institute's work, creating its image in the media and leading a part of the scientific projects. He also recruits new employees and organizes various banquets and cultural events. On an everyday basis, there must be a place for a good one-hour dinner because, as the poet used to say, "There is no more sincere love than the love for food".

Maciej Dziubiński, PhD - Chair of the Scientific Board.

Maciej Dziubiński, PhD - Chair of the Scientific Board.

Doctor Dziubiński is in charge of research in the autonomous car project, while in other projects he holds an important advisory role. He supports everyone with a good word in matters related of the expression of scientific thought and PEP8 standards. He also takes care of the technical aspects of our work at the Institute and is the main editor of our scientific blog on artificial intelligence.

Katarzyna Zasada, MSc - Head of the Administrative Section.

Katarzyna Zasada, MSc - Head of the Administrative Section.

Everyday mother and enthusiast of a home bonfire, in her free time, indulging in hobbies: cooking and sewing. Thanks to her work the Institute is still thriving, as even the best laboratory would not be able to function if the Director forgot to pay the electricity bill. Conversations with Ms. Kasia over a morning coffee bring joy to our scientific staff, and her advice and care are vital for the daily life of the Institute.

Piotr Smuda, MSc - Junior Machine Learning Engineer.

Piotr Smuda, Msc - Junior Machine Learning Engineer.

Graduate of Warsaw University of Technology in Statistics and Data Analysis. He showed interest in computers from a young age, and pursued it as he spent countless hours on e-sport competitions. Over time he turned his eyes toward machine learning, in pursue of worthy opponent in virtual racetracks. Piotr is now a part of a team researching reinforcement learning and its applications in computer games.

Filip Nabrdalik, MSc Eng - Senior Architect of IT Systems.

Filip Nabrdalik, MSc Eng - Senior Architect of IT Systems.

Graduate of The Faculty of Electronics and Information Technology on Warsaw University of Technology with 10 years of experience in software development. Professionally project lead and mobile applications developer. In his free time likes to listen to post-atmospheric black metal and develops his business skills. At the institute Filip manages various projects with focus on programming.

Tomasz Malisz - Senior Machine Learning Engineer.

Tomasz Malisz  - Senior Machine Learning Engineer.

Graduate of University of Warsaw in Physics. Professionally trains Machine Learning algorithms, with current specialization in Natural Language Processing. He spends his free time with his dog, family and friends. Enthusiast of computer science, music and plumbing. Single.

Mateusz Wiliński, PhD - Complex Networks Expert.

Mateusz Wiliński, PhD - Complex Networks Expert.

Physicist, mathematician, fascinated with research about networks and complexities. He likes interfering into different disciplines, so together with Piotr Tempczyk they analyze changes in the structure of neural networks during the process of learning. He works in Italy (at Scuola Normale Superiore in Pisa), so he considers himself an expert on pizza.

Maciej Śliwowski, MSc - Neuroscientist.

Maciej Śliwowski, Msc - Neuroscientist.

He graduated from Neuroinformatics at the Faculty of Physics of the University of Warsaw. Currently, PhD student at University Grenoble Alpes and CEA with main focus on deep learning for brain-computer interfaces. He thinks that neuroscience and expanding knowledge about the brain will be one of the fastest developing disciplines of science. In free time he likes traveling and all kinds of sports.

Bartosz Topolski - Junior Machine Learning Engineer.

Bartosz Topolski - Junior Machine Learning Engineer.

Studied Statistics and Data Analysis on the Faculty of Mathematics and Information Science of Warsaw University of Technology. He applies gathered knowledge both at work, and during his free time. Petrolhead, cyclist and an enthusiast of both computer and board games. Devoted owner of a yellow labrador.


Mirosław Bartołd

Mirosław Bartołd - master of Polish Studies at the University of Warsaw, engineer of computer science at PJAIT. He works as a Java developer. In free time he likes sailing. Husband.

Krzysztof Leszczyński

Krzysztof Leszczyński - graduated from the Faculty of Mathematics, Informatics, and Mechanics at the Warsaw University. An avid enthusiast of a 30-hour work week. He finds great pleasure in learning and, although he is a self-taught machine learning engineer, he is not ruling out taking on graduate studies in the field. Teaching others is also a source of satisfaction. In his student years, he was involved in theatre - he organized theatrical festivals and was a member of a drama school.


Tomasz Arczewski

Tomasz Arczewski - student of Analytical Computer Science at the Faculty of Mathematics of the Jagiellonian University. He has always been passionate about mathematics which together with a passion for programming made him an enthusiast of machine learning. Fantasy reader with love for bicycle rides.

Jakub Grudzień

Jakub Grudzień - born mathematician, learning to be a data scientist, commited runner, and a student of Imperial College London. Laureate of the 69th Polish Mathematics Olympiad. Tea lover. Spends his spare time on reading, learning japanese and watching anime.